December birthstone: Tanzanite

Origin and history

The story of Tanzanite is sufficiently incredible for us to tell it here in detail. It begins back in 1967 in Tanzania close to Mount Kilimandjaro. A violent storm breaks out and lightning hits the Merelani hills. When the locals returned to their land, they found, previously unknown, brilliantly sparkling blue stones on the ground.

The gemstones were sent to the USA to be analysed and it was decided that the stones were a new blue variety of zoisite, a gemstones until then only found in a brownish hue. Heated to 600°C, the stones had taken on and retained a unique bluey-purple colour.

No doubt about it, the stones must have been struck by lightning.

It was Tiffany & Co who made the discovery so popular and renamed the stone “Tanzanite”,
in tribute to its home country.

Kilimandjaro, lieu d'origine de la tanzanite

Virtues, myths and legends

According to some beliefs, Tanzanite stimulates imagination and creativity, it is supposed to be the ally of artists, writers, musicians and other creators.

The colours of Tanzanite vary depending on the angle of observation and stones:

  • blue
  • violet 

The most famous Tanzanite is known as "the Queen of Kilimandjaro". It weighs 242 carats and is set on a tiara in a private collection. 

Pierre de tanzanite

On which occasions should we offer a Tanzanite?

As birthstone of December, Tanzanite is linked to the Sagitarius and Capricorn zodiac signs.

Tanzanite jewellery can also be offered for the 24th wedding anniversary.

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