Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab created, but real diamonds

The diamond, a stone sought after since the dawn of time for its unique properties and beauty, can now be replicated in a laboratory.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are called synthetic diamonds, but in actual fact they are only synthetic in name, because they have the exact same properties as diamonds obtained by mining. Our diamonds are created using the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) technique, through which it is possible to obtain larger diamonds (generally type A), and then the HPHT process is briefly applied to improve their colour. In addition to having identical chemical properties, they have the same optical properties in terms of colour, brilliance and radiance. In other words, these lab-grown diamonds are quite simply as beautiful as the much sought-after natural diamonds.

For example, it would be almost impossible for an experienced gemmologist to tell the difference with the naked eye between a diamond obtained from mining and a lab-grown diamond. The differences are so minute that it would require the use of state-of-the-art equipment to establish with certainty that a diamond is man-made.

Synthetic diamonds GVS+ quality round-cut

At LAVAL Europe, we think that lab-grown diamonds are the stones for the future for jewellery.

A high-quality cut

Synthetic diamonds would not be comparable to natural diamonds if they did not respect the famous 4C rule (Cut - Colour - Clarity - Carat), well known by jewellers and gemmologists to assess the quality of a diamond. Our diamonds are not only created in a laboratory, they also benefit from high-quality cutting thanks to facets that are finely worked to magnify the radiance, the purity of the colours and the play of light characteristic of diamonds.

All of our high quality diamond cuts

Round-cut Lab grown diamonds wholesale

Ethical diamonds

Nowadays, it is difficult to talk about a forward-looking subject without mentioning the ecological aspect.

This is precisely one of the assets of man-made diamonds, because if there is one thing that makes them stand out in relation to the classic diamond, it's their origin.

Many people tend to prefer natural, original, “real” diamonds, while synthetic, laboratory-grown diamonds are generally wrongly thought of as “fake”. If we put aside this almost romantic notion of seeking authenticity, we realise that obtaining a “real” diamond incurs a cost - environmental, of course, but all too often human too.

This may seem obvious, but when it comes to eco-responsible and even ethical lab-grown diamonds, the advantages are the following:

  • These diamonds are 100% traceable, which guarantees that they are not “blood diamonds”.
  • No mining
  • No polluted water and a low carbon footprint (the carbon footprint of a synthetic diamond only represents 5% of that of a mined diamond)
  • No destruction of fauna and flora; no impact on animals
  • No local communities displaced.

In addition to all of these benefits, synthetic diamonds have one more, pretty important selling point: their price.

A man-made diamond is cost approximately 50% less than a mined diamond.

We have known how to make synthetic diamonds for a long time, but their use in jewellery is fairly recent.
With our range of lab-grown diamonds wholesale, we offer you the opportunity to become market pioneers with a safe bet for the future of the jewellery industry.

LAVAL lab-grown diamonds

All of the diamonds we offer are synthetic diamonds (also called lab-grown diamonds or cultured diamonds) with a GVS quality (Colour G+ and Clarity VS). They are They are sold “loose”, therefore you can order them individually.

You can choose from between 19 diameters of diamonds, from 3 mm (equivalent 0.11 ct) up to 8.1 mm (2.00 ct).

Our diamonds are supplied in a brifka and sold with their certificate:

  • diamonds from 3 mm (0.11 ct) to 4.75 mm (0.44 ct) are sold with a LAVAL diamond certificate of authenticity
  • diamonds from 5 mm (0.50 ct) to 8.1 mm (2.00 ct) are sold with an IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificate
    The manufacturing process is certified by SCS Global Services, whose label guarantees traceable manufacturing respectful of people and the environment.

We propose round-cut lab created diamonds, which is the most standard cut, but you can also request specific diamond cuts from our sales advisers by e-mail or by telephone on + (00)332 4791 1234.

Shining synthetic white diamond

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