Customisation & engraving for jewellery, watches and tools

An engraved item of jewellery represents a very important sentimental value for your clients. It allows someone to keep a special event engraved in their memory. For weddings, christianings, Mother's Days or Father's Days as well as all sorts of other events, we can engrave: wedding rings, identity bracelets for infants or adults, signet rings, medallions, plaques and other items of jewellery or watches according to the surface available to work on.
Please contact us if one of your customers would like to have one of our jewels or watches engraved. We perform all the engraving in our workshop.
For professionals like you, we also offer the possibility to engrave some of our jewellery making and watch making tools.

In our workshop we are able to perform 2 different types of engraving:

  • Traditional, diamond-tip engraving for silver and gold-plated jewellery
  • Laser engraving for silver, gold-plated, stainless steel jewellery of jewellery and watch-making tools

We guarantee high-quality engraving, thanks to:

  • our qualified team in the workshop and reliable digital technology
  • our selection of fonts that can be tailored to fit your requirements or we can integrate a font, illustration or symbol that you provide
  • our quick turnaround, 48h (after approving of final proofs).

Engraving for jewellery Engraving on tools, pocket watches and other items
Engraving on jewellery
Engraving on tools, pocket watches and other items

Download the .pdf engraving file

Our sales team is at your service for any advice or queries:

  • Call our European Toll Free number (from certain EU member states): 00800 5282 5000
  • Or ring our international Hotline +33 247 91 1234
  • email :

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