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Jewellery boxes/Watch cases/Sundry

Special offer for sping jewellery boxes

Our range of jewellery cases and watch cases is so comprehensive that it offers a range of options to satisfy your customers. The range of colours, jewellery and watch storage options and varied prices allow you to offer your customers unique and satisfying choice.

Whether the style is traditional and timeless, sheathed in leather, handcrafted in wood or more noble in split cowhide leather, all our jewellery boxes and watch boxes are top of the range and high-quality.

Simplicity and quality for your jewellery cases

If comfort, price, simplicity and ease of use are your priority, you can focus your search on our jewellery cases in synthetic, faux calfskin. All these jewellery cases are neatly finished with pretty linings and a flawless inner structure. Most of these jewellery boxes come with a lock.

Elegance and reliability for your watch boxes

For fine watch enthusiasts, our watch cases combine an elegant design with luxurious materials. Robust and equipped with reliable technology, our automatic watch boxes are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various different watches, allowing owners of automatic watches to keep them fully wound. Our collection also includes the first plastic option at a very attractive price. You get the message. Our range of watch boxes offers something for everyone!


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Specialist supplier accompanying clockmakers and jewellers for four generations

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