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Card gift boxes

Perfect for containing jewellery, accessories, small items or all sorts of gifts, our collection of card gift boxes  are beautifully finished with a foam insert.

Available in the three plain colours: black gift boxes, kraft gift boxes and white gift boxes, allow you to associate any style of wrapping papertissue paper, satin ribbons and curling gift ribbon. The collection of present boxes come in 9 different sizes and allow numerous uses for all sorts of contents. All our card gift boxes are recyclable and have bulk rates. 

For the festive season, why not choose one of the two models of Christmas gift boxes with their festive designs. The exclusive 'Marble' collection of gift packaging with its matching carrier bags, jewellery presentation boxes and paper bags are a popular choice throughout the year. .

Our card present boxes can also be custom branded with your shop's logo and address. Contact the Laval Europe sales team for further information on custom printing service that we offer. 

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Kraft card boxes
Kraft card boxes
(8 models to choose from)
Card gift box with coordinating foam insert
Card gift box with coordinating foam insert
(8 models to choose from)
Card gift presentation box with coordinating foam insert
Card gift presentation box with coordinating foam insert
(8 models to choose from)
White foam insert for card presentation boxes
White foam insert for card presentation boxes
(4 models to choose from)
Marble finish card gift box
Marble finish card gift box
(3 models to choose from)

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