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Specialist supplier accompanying Clockmakers and Jewellers for four generations
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Custom brand your gift wrapping

The custom branding team at Laval Europe your wholesale gift wrapping specialist offers you a fast turn-around and a great range of printing possibilities for your gift wrapping. 

Custom branding special offer

What better publicity than the name, address and logo of your firm on the gift wrapping that you use?
Our specialised custom branding team will begin by working on your die stamp and then, using their semi-automated machines, print:

Laval Europe allows you to custom brand minimal quantities and therefore limit the volume of stock that you need to store.
With a single die-stamp, you may custom brand different types of gift wrapping. This unique service, is perfectly adapted to suit retail stores, it corresponds to your needs and encourages you to communicate.

Contact our sales' team in order to learn more about our tarifs: +

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Specialist supplier accompanying clockmakers and jewellers for four generations

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