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Specialist supplier accompanying Clockmakers and Jewellers for five generations
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LAVAL Europe,

wholesale battery supplier

As the leading watch battery supplier in France, LAVAL also sells numerous other useful items for watchmakers and jewellers. View our different brands of batteries ENERGIZER, RENATA and SONY, LAVAL is an authorised distributor:

LAVAL Europe only sells BtoB and offers its professional clients a huge selection of batteries including the specific watch battery references: alkaline batteries, ECO alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, mercury-free silver oxide batteries, rechargeable batteries and mercury-free hearing aid batteries.

In order to provide power for everyday objects, our range of batteries includes: hearing-aid batteries, batteries for toys, camera and video camera batteries, batteries for remote controls, calculator batteries, alarm clock batteries, radio batteries, batteries for torches or lamps...

We also have a range of battery and smartphone chargers.

The different brands of watches on sales at LAVAL

Because we want to offer our customers the best possible products, we have selected the best brand names in the market for great quality energy.

Energizer batteries, long-lasting energy at the fore front of innovation

Energizer constantly works on developping environmentally friendly products with ever increasing performance.
Worldwide leader for the durability of its batteries, Energizer trusts us to distribute its range of products.

Renata batteries, Swiss excellence

A subsiduary of the Swatch Group Ltd, founded in 1952, Renata SA quickly became one of the world leaders in button cell batteries for watches and other electrical appliances.
Renata SA brings you a range of high quality, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly batteries.  Discover the wide range of lithium batteries by Renata that we can supply.

Sony batteries

SONY is the largest producer of watch batteries and offers a vast rage of button cells. The brand philosophy is to develop high performance products that cause minimal harm to the environment. We distribute their range of mercury-free silver oxide batteries.
Find the source of energy you need among our selection of Sony batteries.

LAVAL is a major partner for the jewellery trade.
Discover our collections of jewellery presentation boxes, jewellery, findings, jewellery and watch-making tools...







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