Stone of September: Sapphire

The birthstone for September is the Sapphire, a precious noble and iconic stone. It is a variety of the Corundum family like its twin sister the Ruby and like the Ruby, it is part of the exclusive group of 4 precious stones with Diamonds and Emeralds. For a very long time, only the blue variety of Sapphires was well-known but it can be found in a wide range of different colours, the most popular being Pink for passion, Yellow for happiness and Blue for loyalty.
Its name is supposed to come from the Greek word sappheiros meaning blue. 2500 years ago, the Greeks and Romans wore Sapphires coming from Sri Lanka. In ancient Egypt, the Sapphire was a sacred stone, symolising justice and truty.

Which metals for Sapphire jewellery?

The sapphire is one of the most sought after stones in fine jewellery. It is very hard and long-lasting. The deep, mysterious blue sapphire is a popular choice as a centre stone. Sapphires are regularly chosen as engagement rings and can be offered for wedding anniversaries. They look fantastic alongside diamonds or other colourless stones.  Sapphires will look amazing on any colour metal, they can be set on silver, white gold or platinum as well as yellew or rose gold.

Information, virtues and legends surrounding the Sapphire:

  • The most beautiful Sapphires come from mines in Cachemire, Sri Lanka and Burma. Today, we also find sources in Tanzania and Madagascars du Cachemire, du Sri Lanka et de Birmanie. Aujourd’hui, on trouve aussi des gisements importants en Tanzanie ou en Madagascar.
  • In ancient Persia, they believed that the earth lay on a giant Sapphire and that the sky was blue thanks to its reflection.
  • The Catholic church also appreciates the symbolism of its celestial colour: the sapphire represents purity and its light is said to bring its wearer close to the kingdom of heaven. As early as the 13th century, Cardinals wore a sapphire ring on their right hand to show their loyalty to God.
  • According to legend, Sapphires encourage inspiration and creativity. They are also said to calm anger and help people suffering from depression.
  • The magnificent sapphire ring that Prince Charles gave to Diana in 1981 was given by their son Prince William to Kate Middleton for their engagement. The ring has an 18 carat Sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. It is supposedly one of the most valuable engagement rings in the world.
  • In 2017, Queen Elisabeth II celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years on the throne. For the occasion, a portrait of the Queen wearing her famous sapphire and diamond necklace and earrings was officially reisssued. The jewels were a gift from her father King George VI. The Queen's jewels include another famous sapphire - a large cabochon centre stone in one of the Royal crowns - the Stuart Sapphire – it was acquired by the Royal family 700 years ago.

   Parure bijoux Elizabeth II        The Stuart Saphir

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Sapphire related items available on the website

Collection of fine jewellery – Gold

In our 18ct gold jewellery and 9ct gold jewellery collections, LAVAL brings you a small selection of classic jewels set with genuine Sapphires. A pendant in 18ct gold and a 9ct gold ring.

Bague en Or 375/1000 avec Saphir ovale 6x4mm et 4 diamants HP1 0,03 ct  Pendentif Or 750/1000 et Saphir orné de diamants 0,17ct

Also view a ring and pendant in rhodium plated sterling silver.

Bague Saphir véritable entouré d'oxydes de zirconium, argent 925/1000 rhodié   Pendentif orné d'une pierre Saphir et d'oxydes de zirconium 

SWAROVSKI® Sapphires:

Saphir Swarovski  

LAVAL distributes genuine Swarovski® sapphires in small quantities and in 4 dimensions, from 1.3 mm diametre to 2.00 mm. They are of exceptional quality. The raw genuine Swarovski Gemstones are sourced according to strict Swarovski ethical standards (Swarovski is certified by the RJC Responsible Jewelry Council). The stones undergo a scrupulous inspection. They are then cut by highly qualified technicians who pay great attention to the symmetry of each stone. The facets are cut with great precision and allow the stones to sparkle with unrivalled dazzle. 
These Sapphires are perfect for pavé setting thanks to their incredible regularity and minimal colour and size tolerance.

Blue Sapphires

Saphir Swarovski - rond, couleur Pastel Light Blue   Saphir Swarovski - rond, couleur Pastel Blue   Saphir Swarovski - rond, couleur Top Blue

Pink Sapphires

Saphir Swarovski - ronde, couleur Pastel Light Pink  Saphir Swarovski - rond, couleur Pastel Red

SWAROVSKI® Topazes:The blue coloured Swarovski® Topazes recall the beauty of the sapphire.
Topazes are available in small quantities - the larger stones are sold individually and the prices are very reasonable - even for the biggest stones (up to 8mm).

  • Royal blue
    The Royal Blue topazes evoke the mysterious blue onf the sapphire and is thousand year history as a royal precious stone.

Topaze Swarovski® - ronde, couleur Royal Blue  Topaze Swarovski® - poire, couleur Royal Blue  Topaze Swarovski® - octogone, couleur Royal Blue  Topaze Swarovski® - Antique Cushion Checkerboard, couleur Royal Blue

  • Kashmir
    The sheer beauty of this colour with its nuances of a velvety blue and its sparkle will catch the eye of any who behold it.

Topaze Swarovski® - ronde, couleur Kashmir  Topaze Swarovski® - poire, couleur Kashmir

18ct gold findings

  • Discover our selection of 18ct gold findings, perfect for all your designs using precious stones. A wide range of items available, clasps, fasteners, ring mounts, pendant and earring fittings.
  • The S’TOP® in 18ct yellow, red or grey gold is available in two different sizes. It is the essential secure earring post fitting for fine jewels. 
    S’TOP is a LAVAL SAS registered trade name.

S'TOP® fermoir boucles d'oreilles Or jaune 750/1000  S'TOP® fermoir boucles d'oreilles en Or gris 750/1000  S'TOP® fermoir boucles d'oreilles en Or rouge 750/1000 

  • Also find our range of gold solder and other tools that you might need for your creations with precious stones and fine metals.

Soudure plaque Or jaune 750/1000

Looking after your sapphires :
Precious stones require special care, use only lotions and cloths that have been specially developped to clean and care for them. We distribute a selection of well reputed brands of jewellery care products. Chose the one that you prefer. Also, why not allow your customers to purchase products, they can represeent a great cross-selling opportunity.

  • Hagerty make efficient cleaning products for your fine jewels with precious stones such as Sapphires: Jewel Clean is available in boxes of 12 pots and allows you to clean jewels in under a minute. Hagerty also brings you a range of treated polishing cloths that will allow you to buff and shine your jewellery.

Carton de 12 pots Jewel Clean Hagerty  Carton de 12 chamoisines Jewel Cloth Hagerty

  • Jolibijoux offes a bath and a polishing cloth for precious stones. Their formula is 100% natural and  biodegradable. It is ammonia, enzyme and preservative free. Easy to use; both productswill bring back the dazzle and sparkle to your jewellery with no damage.  . 
    Made in France.

Bain Jolibijoux pour les bijoux Or, Diamants, Pierres précieuses (x12)Chamoisines imprégnées Jolibijoux pour les bijoux Or, vermeil, platine et pierres précieuses (x10)Box of 12 pots and sachet of 10 polishing cloths

  • L’O du JOAILLIER® : a 100% natural beauty care product for fine jewellery. It perfectly cleans without harming jewels, brings back sparkle. This lotion is made with natural plant-based materials. Very gentle, will not dry skin. Made in France.

      Produit L'O DU JOAILLIER pour l'Or, les diamants et pierres précieuses, 100% naturel   Beauty care lotion for gold, diamonds and precious stones

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