Stone of June: Pearls

Origins of the Pearl:

June babies are fortunate to have the Pearl as their birthstone.
Unlike precious or semi-precious stones, pearls are created by living creatures - bivalve mollusks. Thanks to structure of the nacre that forms the pearl, they have a mysterious inner glow and reflect the light with a natural iridescence changing with every movement.

Information, virtues and legends surrounding Pearls:

  • Naturally occurring pearls in the wild are very rare. A Pearl is formed when an irritant is found within the mollusk shell - a grain of sand for example. The animal protects itself from the foreign object by surounding it with layer after layer of calcium carbonate - nacre. 
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, Kokichi Mikimoto invented a process allowing an irritant to be artificially introduced into the oyster shell.
  • There are 4 main sources of cultured pearls: Tahiti, Japan, freshwater and the Southern seas.
  • Thanks to their watery origins, Pearls are strongly connected to the aquatic Zodiac signs, specially Cancer. In some cultures, the Pearl's irridescence is said to reflect the moonlight.
  • In Pearl producing civilisations, the Pearl has always had a strong symbolic status. They are associated with Venus (for the Romans and Aphrodite for the Greeks), the Goddess of love who was born in the waves. For the Persians and Greeks, Pearls were said to be tears of the Gods.
  • Powdered pearl has long been a key ingredient in Asian cosmetics, it symbolised eternal, natural beauty. Generations of Chinese empresses have used it to improve their skin's radiance. Mother-of-pearl extracts are still used today by a variety of cosmetic brands in care products.

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Which metals to use to set pearls:

Thanks to its constantly changing iridescence, a Pearl can look fantastic both on yellow or white metals. According to the specific colour of the pearl, yellow gold can be preferred for darker Tahitian pearls whereas a white gold or platinum may be favoured for lighter white pearls.

   La Perle - mois de juin

Related products available on our website:

Collection of finished jewellery – Gold

In our collections of 18ct and 9ct gold jewellery, we offer a selection of very feminin, classic jewels set with cultured freshwater pearls.

  • 18ct gold

Bracelet flexible Or 750/1000, détail Or blanc et orné de perles de culture d'eau douce forme poire Bague en Or 750/1000 ornée d'une belle perle de culture d'eau douce 7,50 à 8mm Boucles d'oreilles en Or 750/1000 avec perle de culture d'eau douce en forme de goutte d'eauCollier Or 750/1000 avec 5 perles de culture d'eau douce en cage, 42cm

Flexible bangle, ring (also available in white gold), earrings with teardrop shaped pearls, necklace

  • In 18ct gold with mesmorising Tahitian pearls - quality A/B

Pendentif Or 750/1000 avec perle de Tahiti qualité A/B Boucles d'oreilles perles de Tahiti en Or 750/1000, 7 à 7,5mm - qualité A/B 

Pendant and stud earrings

  • Or in 9ct gold

Bague Or 375 ornée d'une perle de culture d'eau douce entourée d'oxyde Bague en Or blanc 375/1000 avec une perle de culture d'eau douce Pendentif en Or 375/1000 avec perle de culture d'eau douce grise forme poire 8 mm  Collier en or blanc 375/1000 orné d'une perle de culture d'eau douce

You will also discover our magnificent collection of Cultured Freshwater Pearls in rhodium plated sterling silver:

Pendentif arabesque en Perles de culture d'eau douce blanches et bleuesBague fantaisie avec Perles de culture d'eau douce, argent rhodiéBague en Perle de culture d'eau douce à armature doublée en argent 925/1000 rhodié Boucles d'oreilles pendantes avec des Perles de culture d'eau douce des arabesques

Pendant, 3 pearl ring, ring and earrings 

We also bring you a collection of over 60 models of classic pearl jewellery set with white or grey Majorica pearls - a high-quality range of imitation mother-of-pearl covered crystal beads.

Collier Bracelet élastique  Boucles d'oreilles puces  Dormeuses

For your jewellery creations, why not set your pearl jewellery with our beautiful SWAROVSKI® white Zirconia:
Swarovski® Zirconia are of an exceptional quality. LAVAL allows you to purchase them in small quantities corresponding to your professional needs diametres Ø1 to Ø 8mm available. At great prices, from just 6.55€ excl. VAT.

BO perles  Pierres Oxyde de zirconium Swarovski - rond, couleur White

Browse our wide range of Pearl findings

Laval also brings you a full rangs of findings specifically developped for pearls and beads with bobins and threads, gimp wires, special 18ct gold clasps with double cap endings, or threading needles.

Fermoir de collier perles anneau marin double coquille ø 10 mm en Or gris 750/1000  Fermoir 3 rangs spécial perles N°41 en Or 750/1000 - L 18 mm

NEW: 20 colours of carded silk

20 cartes de soie

NEW: 9 silk beading cards

Aiguillées de soie

Why not invest in some new tools, specially developped for your pearl and bead creations.

Machine à percer les perles  Outil à agrandir le trou des perles
Machine for drilling pearls, reamer for enlarging holes

Plateau en bois à enfiler les perles Plateau à perles Plateau à perlesPlateau pour bracelets à échelles rondes et droites
Pearl / bead trays

Pointe à feu pour enfiler les perles Mini-cisaille  Outil pour enfilage de perles

Tools: beading tool, mini-shears and tool for beading pearls

Colle CyberbondColle Cyanolit multi-usage et multi-matériaux Extra-forte pour collages rapides Super-colle GRIFFIN

Glues: Cyberbond, Cyanolit and Cyano

Pearls are fragile and require special care.
On our website, different brands of jewellery care products are available for caring for your pearl jewellery.

  • Hagerty Fine stones clean

Gentle, effective cleaning of all fine and organic stones: emeralds, opals, coral and turquoise. A kind, glycerine based formula with plant-based solvants that protect the gems and remove all traces of sweat, make-up or perfume.

Chamoisines Fine Stones Cloth Hagerty pour les pierres fines Pots Fine Stones Clean Hagerty pour les pierres fines

  • Jolibijoux

Biodegradable, ammonia and enzyme free lotions. Perfect for cleaning natural or cultured pearls: lotion available in boxes of 12 small format bottles, or as a 1 litre container.

Bain Jolibijoux pour les bijoux avec Perles naturelles et de culture (x12)  Flacon Jolibijoux pour le nettoyage des bijoux avec Perles naturelles et de culture (1 litre)

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