Majestic Ruby, Stone of July

Origins and story of rubies:

The ruby is the red variety of Corundum, it's majestic colour comes from traces of chromium. It is the only precious stone in this family not to be called Sapphire. Chrome's fluorescent properties give the ruby a real inner fire but also limit the size of the stones as the chrome prevents the crystals from growing and cause cracking. A top quality ruby often fetches a higher price than an equivalent diamond as they are far rarer. Only 1% of mined rubies can be used in jewellery.
Favoured by Maharajahs, Chahs and Kalifes over the centuries, the ruby with its blood red colour is associated to vitatlity, power, strength and passion. 
Like sapphires, rubies are very hard stones, 9 on the Mohs scale.

Le Rubis - Pierre de juillet

Information, virtues and legends surrounding rubies:

  • Provenance – The most beautiful rubies come from Burma, the Mogok Valley is famous for its 'pigeon-blood' coloured rubies. Rubies can however also be found in Vietnam, Thaïland, India, in the Middle East, in Africa and even in the USA.
  • A ruby's value is linked closeley to its purity. 
  • A traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift that can also be given for the 15th anniversary.
  • Unlike the diamond, there is no ideal cut for rubies. Each ruby is unique and the skill of the diamond cutter lies in finding the optimum cut according to the raw stone in order to obtain the deepest colour.
  • As with emeralds, rubies present inclusions, these allow us to understand the nature of the stone as well as its origins.
  • Its bright colour and inner fire have helped forge the legends and reputation of this stone, symbol of passion, love, power and royalty. It is believed to help regain self-confidence and make the wearer invincible when worn on the left hand.
  • On June 3rd 2019, Queen Elizabeth II of England welcomed the American President and First Lady to Buckingham Palace. On this occasion, she worn the famous 'Burmese ruby tiara', a crown set with diamonds and 96 rubies.

Which metals for setting rubies:

With their deep, rich colour, rubies can be set of any colour of metal: white, rose or yellow gold.
Learn more about birthstones.

Tiare Burmese ruby tiara

Items available on our site including or related to rubies :

Finished jewellery collection – 9ct gold and rubies

9ct gold ring with diamonds and rubies

Bague Or 375/1000 avec Rubis et 4 diamants HP1 0,03 ct

9ct gold earrings with man-made ruby-coloured stones

Boucles d'oreilles puces Or blanc 375/1000 ornées d'une pierre synthétique rouge rubis   Boucles d'oreilles puces Or 375/1000 pierre synthétique rubis 

In our new collection of jewellery:
'Néo Baroque' gold-coloured sterling silver set with genuine rubies

Sautoir NEO-BAROQUE en argent 925/1000 doré orné d'un rubis véritable  Bracelet NEO-BAROQUE en argent 925/1000 doré orné d'un rubis véritable  Bague NEO-BAROQUE en argent 925/1000 doré orné d'un rubis véritable

Swarovski® genuine and created gemstones for your jewellery creations:

SWAROVSKI® is a guarantee of exceptional quality with unrivalled cutting precision and strict ethical standards.
SWAROVSKI genuine and created gemstones are packaged in small quantities by Laval and sold in small handy boxes.

SWAROVSKI® Ruby: Top Ruby colour
Available in round cut from Ø 1.3 mm to 2 mm, and from as little as 10 stones.

Rubis Swarovski Gesmtones  Boîte conditionnement Laval

SWAROVSKI® Topaz: If you are looking for genuine gemstones in larger sizes, you can opt for treated Topaz in beautiful Blazing Red. As an authorised distributor for SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES, we sell their Topazes which comply to the strictest market requirements. Unlike cubic zirconia, Topaz is a genuine gemstone and LAVAL allows you to purchase them individually. Available in round, pear, oval, marquise and octogon cuts at very reasonable prices.

Topaze Swarovski® - marquise, couleur Blazing Red  Topaze Swarovski® - octogone, couleur Blazing Red  Topaze Swarovski® - ovale, couleur Blazing Red Topaze Swarovski® - poire, couleur Blazing Red Topaze Swarovski® - ronde, couleur Blazing Red

SWAROVSKI® Zirconia:
Available in the patented Red Dark colour, Swarovski Zirconia allow you to create fantastic colourful jewellery at great prices. We bring you small packages of Zirconia Red Dark, round cut from just 5 stones. Exceptional quality SWAROVSKI® Zirconia at affordable rates, you won't be disappointed!
Pierres Oxyde de zirconium Swarovski - rond, couleur Red Dark 

Not forgetting the Laval mounts, fittings and findings

  • Discover our range of 18ct white and yellow gold: ring mounts, pendant fittings, earring fittings.
  • Some of the ring mounts are sold semi-set with diamonds.

Montures de bague 4 griffes Or 750/1000 et 42 diamants 0,31 ct pour centre de 5,5 à 6 mmMontures solitaire 6 griffes Or gris 750/1000 et 6 diamants 0,21 ct pour centre de 4 à 5 mm Montures solitaire 6 griffes Or 750/1000 pour centre de 3,3 à 3,6 mm Montures solitaire 6 griffes Or blanc 750/1000 pour centre de 3,8 à 4,3 mm

Jewellery care products for your rubies:

  • JOLIBIJOUX make environmentally friendly bio-degradables care products free of amonia, enzymes and preservatives.
    To care for your ruby jewellery: lotion or polishing cloth

Bain Jolibijoux pour les bijoux Or, Diamants, Pierres précieuses Chamoisines imprégnées Jolibijoux pour les bijoux Or, vermeil, platine et pierres précieuses

  • L’O du JOAILLIER®: a luxury brand of jewellery care products. Discover the formulae based on plant extracts, perfect for caring for your precious stones: non-abrasive cleansing that will bring back the sparkle to your jewellery. Gentle formulae which doesn't dry your skin.Produit L'O DU JOAILLIER pour l'Or, les diamants et pierres précieuses, 100% naturel 
  • Hagerty® Jewel Clean and Cloth care products: in depth cleaning and care for your precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies as well as gold and platinum with no danger of harming them. Remove all traces of oxidation, sweat, make-up and bring back the shine to your most precious jewels. Quick, efficient cleaning that doesn't harm your jewellery.Jewel Clean Hagerty pour les bijoux Or, platine, diamants, saphirs et rubis    Chamoisines Jewel Cloth Hagerty pour bijoux Or, platine, diamants, saphirs et rubis

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