Stone of February: Amethyst

Origins and varieties:

The name amethyst comes from a greek word meaning, 'who is not drunk' and takes its name from ancient mythology. According to different versions, the Nymph Amethystos was turned to quartz by Artemis in order to protect her from Dionysos. Understandbly upset at seeing such beauty turned to stone, Dionysos is supposed to have shed tears of wine onto the statue thus giving it the violet/purple colour that we know as amethyst today. 

Amethyst is the most sought after form of quartz. It comes in a number of different hues of purple :

  • light mauve
  • violet with red undertones, or even blue
  • Purple – less common

Large amethysts with deep, rich unified colours are the most sought after.

Infos, virtues and legends surrounding amethysts:

Amethyst is the iconic birthstone for February babies. A gem of optimism and serenity, it is said to entice high aspirations and alleviate stress.
Purple expresses individuality, a desire to be noticed and to make a statement. It's been a strong colour for many seasons. Pantone named Ultra Violet the colour of the year in 2018. 
Couleur pantone Ultra VioletPurple is a colour that goes well with women of all ages and can suit different styles. The colour has the the advantage of being versatile, from a focal colour to neutral depending on the circomstances. In the jewellery world, other purple coloured stones exist: tourmaline, sapphire and spinel.
- A very hard stone (7 on the Mohs scale), the colour can be modified and fixed when heated. Did you know that when an amethyst is heated at very high temperatures it becomes yellow? This is the process that transforms amethyst to citrine.

  • Amethyst is favoured by the Hollywood jewellers Chopard and Fred Leighton who use it on stunning earrings and bold cocktail rings.
  • It is a traditional gift for the 6th and 48th wedding anniversary.
  • In the catholic religion the signification 'to remain sober' does not make a direct reference to the consumption of alcohol. Bishops wear a pastoral ring set with an amethyst to keep their thoughts clear, to take abstraction of their ego and to keep a sense of reality.
  • In ancient Egypt, soldiers wore an amethyst in the form of a scarab beetle to protect them from fear and from death.
  • The stone is also closely linked to Valentine's day on February 14th.

Which metal to chose for setting amethyst:
As amethysts come is a wide range of colours, it can be set on a variety of different metals: yellow, white or rose gold, silver and yellow or rose-gold coloured silver.

Articles avalable on our website set with amethysts or amethyst colour:

  • Rhodium plated and rose-gold coloured sterling silver: classic almond or teardrop shaped designs as well as fashionable forms such as ginkgo leaves or dragonflies.
  • In our classic rhodium plated and sterling silver jewellery, a collection of amethyst coloured cubic zirconia.
  • Some of our Nature d’Ambre jewellery (registered Laval SAS trademark) are set with reconstituted amethyst.
  • Swarovski® Topaz Violac are available in small quantities adapted to professional requirements
  • Ear piercing studs by Caflon® are available in claw or bezel settings in either surgical steel or gold coated steel and crystal.(Ear piercing is a great means to developping a year long revenu)

To keep your amethyst jewellery looking brand new, we recommend the HAGERTY Fine Stones Clean range, specially developped for caring for fine gem stones. The care range comes as 2 products: a solution for a deep clean (sold in boxes of 12 pots) and a polishing cloth.

 Pierre Améthyste

Pendentif forme goutte Améthyste et argent 925/1000 rhodiéBoucles d'oreilles pendantes forme goutte Améthyste et argent 925/1000 rhodiéBoucles d'oreilles puces oiseau en argent 925/1000 rhodié et AméthysteCollier câble argent rhodié avec des pierres d'ambres et une pierre d'améthysteBracelet de pierres d'ambre et améthyste, argent 925/1000Pendants 3 câbles ornés d'une pierre d'ambre cognac, citrine et améthyste, argent rhodié

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