Swarovski® Topaz

Laval Europe accompanies jewellers, creators and craftsmen and women in their quest to create magnificient jewels. We provide Swarovski genuine gemstones including genuine Topaz, to our BtoB customers, the Swarovski® Topaz is sold in a variety of beautiful cuts, colours and dimensions. The small packaged quantities made possible by Laval are perfectly adapted to modern professional needs.

Swarovski® Topaz, choice and quality!

Every Swarovski® Topaz is 'Eye Clean' quality, which means that to the naked eye, not a single inclusion is visible. This requires manual sorting and for obvious reasons, can not be industrialised. 12 different cuts and 12 unique colours are available for you to choose between, thus allowing you to let your imagination run wild:

  • round Natural Brillance cut
  • Pear, Baby pink colour
  • Marquise cut, Kashmir Blue
  • Oval cut, Arctic blue colour
  • Octogon, Rainforest

Laval Europe invites you to also view two other Swarovski genuine gemstones on sale: black spinel and marcasite.

For further information and details of Swarovksi Gemstones packaged quantities on sale, you may browse our site or request a catalogue. If you have any questions or need some advise, give our sales team a call on + 33 247 91 1234 or by email on contact@laval-europe.com.

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