Swarovski Gemstones Sapphire

Ready to purchase on our website, we offer sapphires of different dimensions in small quantities aimed at satisfying all our professional clients' needs:

  • Blue, round cut Swarovski Sapphires, Pastel light shade
  • Round cut Swarovski Sapphires, Pastel blue colour
  • Pink Swarovski Sapphires, round cut, Pastel light shade
  • Round cut, pastel red pink Swarovski Sapphires

Swarovski Gemstones Sapphires, the perfect cut for maximum brilliance

Sapphires have long been recognised as symbols of joy, happiness and love in numerous cultures. They are the second hardest stone on earth after diamonds therefore they are totally scratchproof and will resist everyday wear and tear.
Swarovski's reputation is based on different criteria which are present in every stone: the selection of only exceptional rough stones, precision cutting techniques and strict ethical values and standard at all steps of the transformation process. As with their rubies, the rough Sapphires are rigorously sourced and only those that conform to the strict ethical values and quality criteria of Swarovski Gemstones are chosen.The rough stones are sorted by colour and are required to be 'Eye Clean' before being cut and polished in the Swarovski plants. (Eye clean quality means that to the naked eye, no inclusions are visible. This manual selection can not be industrialised). The sapphires do not undergo any further treatments once cut.

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