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Laval Europe is a reference in the European jewellery industry. We provide our profesional clients with Swarovski Genuine Gemstones including Black Spinel.

With the needs of our professional clients in mind, we offer a choice of round Black Spinel in small quantities

Visit the website and select your preferred dimension and quantities. If you are interested in ordering a different cut or dimension of Black Spinel, contact us by phone on + 33 247 91 1234 or by email on  contact@laval-europe.com.
Black Spinel is a totally natural black gemstone sourced in mines throughout the world. Black Spinel is an opaque stone that shines thanks to light reflecting on its surface. The secret of its beauty lies in the perfection of its cut and polish. Far more hard wearing thank Onyx, black spinel can be set using traditional methods on gold, silver, pewter or bronze. With a tremendous heat resistance, the black spinel is the preferred black opaque stone in the Swarovski Gemstones division. 

For further information about black spinel, request our Swarovski Gemstones catalogue today.
On the www.laval-europe.com/uk website, discover one of the other Swarovski genuine gemstones: Marcasite.

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