Nature d'Ambre pendants

Laval Europe supplies jewellers and retailers with good quality amber jewellery, view our selection of attractive amber pendants that is bound to appeal to your clients. Delicately worked, the NATURE D'AMBRE pendant truly enhance the stones set on them.
The natural gleam of this mineral gem is beautifully set-off on a subtle rhodium plated sterling silver fitting.

In its role as an expert in natural stones, Laval Europe brings you a wide range of NATURE D’AMBRE jewellery made from genuine natural amber, such as earrings, long necklaces or NATURE D’AMBRE brooches.

Laval Europe offers an extensive collection of different jewellery on sterling silver, 9 and 18ct gold, plain or set with stones or crystals.
To discover them all, request your copy of our latest catalogue today.

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LAVAL is a Major European supplier for the jewellery and watchmaking industry. Discover all the products you require for your trade and for expressing your talent.

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