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Wholesale Genuine Amber Jewellery with Sterling silver

Laval is a major supplier of amber jewellery. We distribute amber and amber on rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery under our own brand name NATURE D’AMBRE.
With almost 400 items of jewellery, a large selection of timeless pieces as well as more fashional items are available and ready to be shipped:

  • Amber earrings
  • Amber necklaces
  • Amber bracelets
  • Amber pendants
  • Amber rings
  • Amber jewellery for HIm

Visit our e-shop and discover our collection of jewellery with amber and also with other natural stones.

High quality amber

For your clients, each NATURE D'AMBRE jewel comes with a linen or cotton pouch. A certificate of authenticity is supplied for each jewel guaranteeing that the items are in genuine Baltic amber.
After sales service is carried out by the manufacturer thus ensuring high quality repairs.

Amber baby necklaces

According to certain traditions, wearing an amber necklace can help calm baby through teething. We bring your a selection of amber necklaces for infants. Specially designed for babies, close fitting round the neck and securely knotted between each bead.

Amber jewellery displays

In order to showcase your NATURE D’AMBRE jewellery, we recommend handcrafted wooden displays or linen-look displays.
The natural tones of these displays will enhance the beauty of the amber jewellery collections.

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LAVAL is a Major European supplier for the jewellery and watchmaking industry. Discover all the products you require for your trade and for expressing your talent.

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