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As an unpertubable witness of time, rock soaks up the centuries and holds on to the traces of the eras.

From errosion to outcrops, Suberoque is a terrestriel ode to mountains and wonders shaped by the hand of Nature. Subdued and raw, abrupt and delicate, like an abrasive velvet, it embodes the birth of primitive beauty, authentic fruit of unbridled elements.
From the Latin - meaning literally "under the rock", Suberoque pays homage to the splendour of mineral sanctuaries through a collection of gilded silver and natural gemstones.
Its layered designs are reminiscent of the age-old strata of rocks that have formed over the ages.
Jewellery that finds inspiration in primitive art, with delicate chains and intricate structures confronting the rawness of rough, uncut stones making each item a unique jewel loaded with individualities.

5 rough natural gemstones in 14 different models set on gilded sterling silver:

  • Rough Aquamarine
  • Rough, uncut Ruby
  • Raw Emerald
  • Uncut Rose quartz
  • Rough Moonstone with a wide range of rings.

Each jewel is supplied with its natural kraft card presentation box with ecru foam insert and flaps.

Request a copy of the Suberoque jewellery catalogue and visualise the brand's concept as well as all the models in the collection.

View all the different Suberoque items in our catalogue or contact our sales team by phone, or email to receive your copy by post.

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