Plexiglass jewellery display stands

All our plexiglass jewellery displays are made of PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate).

We have created and continually updated an extensive range of transparent and opaque plexiglass jewellery display stands to satisfy the requirements of as many jewellers as possible. Constantly evolving in line with customer requests, it adapts to all occasions and can be combined with many other jewellery display styles. Its best attribute is that it is suitable for almost all jewellery styles and the transparent models will disappears behind the jewels to put them in the spotlight.

Discover our collection of transparent and opaque plexiglass jewellery display stands!

Various jewellery display stand models

You will this discover our jewellery display stand ranges in varied materials and colours and different designs and styles: modern, traditional, sophisticated, authentic or highly innovative. With each piece of jewellery being unique in terms of size, hanging system and value, our jewellery display stands also respond to all presentation constraints.

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