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Laval is a watchmaking and jewellery supplier. For over 40 years, we have been distributing Hagerty brand care products for jewellery, watches and other items. Our collaboration is a long-standing partnership between two family businesses.

Hagerty have been developping high quality jewellery cleaning and care products for 120 years. Their know-how has been proved for a long-time.

Care products for your needs and for your clients' needs

Hagerty offers a wide range of prodcts each with specific characteristics and applications. They are perfectly adapted for professional use but can also be offered for sale to the end client.

Thanks to their experience, Hagerty has continuously striven to improve their products and always offer the best to their customers.


Baths allow a complete, in-depth care programme for precious items. A dipping basket is provided to simplify utilisation. Your jewellery is totally immersed in the exclusive Hagerty formula. After just a few minutes the items are perfectly cleansed.

Polishing cloths

Polishing cloths enable you to clean jewellery quickly as they are impregnated with the formula. They bring a daily shine to your jewellery. Bring back the original lustre just by polishing with the cloth.

Hagerty displays

Hagerty displays let you promote the products in store. They are a simple and easy method to allow your customers to discover or re-discover the brand's range of products.  

Our other ranges of care products

In order to complete your order of jewellery care products, why not also purchase some gloves that will allow you to handle clean items without leaving any marks. Or perhaps you might wish to view our other brands, they may be of interest to your clients: Jolibijoux, L’O du Joaillier and Astic Brille.

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