Jewellery cleaning and care products

Discover the four brands of cleaning products for gold and silver jewellery at Laval Europe:

  • Hagerty, with its high quality Swiss made products
  • Jolibijoux with its biodegradable products - Made in France
  • Connoisseurs with its beauty sticks that slip into a handbag
  • Astic Brille with its jewellery cleaning wipes

Jewellery cleaning product wholesaler Laval-Europe offers the best range of jewellery care products on the market. All jewellery retailers and designers ought to stock these items for two main reasons:

  • Firstly for jewellery makers themselves for cleaning gold or silver jewellery
  • Secondly for reselling to customers who are looking for professional care products for their jewellery and / or musical instruments to bring back their initial beauty and shine

Gold and silver care products with different specificities

Each brand of jewellery care products has its own advantages, particularities and specific uses. What's more, some products can also be found in jewellers or hardware stores for cleaning chandeliers (Cristal clean) and silverware (silver Dip and silver Polish). Specialist musical instrument retailers should also consider stocking Astic Brille polishing cloths to clean and care for the instruments.

All these jewellery and musical instrument care products comply with strict standards, are very useful and have carefully designed packaging to fit different types of jewellery retailers.

View the wide range of jewellery cleaning products on the site!

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