Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Boxes and Packaging

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, one of the highlights of the New Year!

Anticipate the most romantic date on the calendar and browse our range of key products for the event.

We have also developed a collection of products specially for Valentine's Day updated each year with new items to follow the latest trends.

Make your selection of jewellery presentation box and gift packaging styles on our site. You might be tempted by our articles in timeless, classic red, items in the shape of a love heart, including the iconic velveteen gift boxes, or the paper gift bags covered in hearts that are both trendy and fun.

Here is our selection of essential jewellery products to prepare the 2023 edition of the emblematic date for romance. For this way for heart-shaped jewellery.

LAVAL, do you have a heart?

Romance doesn't have to always be as complicated as it was for El Cid, but all romantics tend to share the desire to express a token of their love.

What better way to express one's feelings than with a heart, the symbol par excellence of passion?
At this time of the year, the love heart is therefore showcased on our jewellery gift boxes, our gift bags and gift packaging to allow the most romantic among us to declare our passion to our beloved.

Ecrins velours rouge et noirs

Discover our range of items that have been developed to enable you to create a romantic ambiance in your store specially for Valentine's Day.

Classic, timeess Red

Just as they were essential over the Christmas period, they are still must-haves for Valentine's Day; its plain to see that red is THE colour that never goes out of style.
Often a fashion, but alway in style, red is a classic for festive gift packaging. But if there's one date when red shines more than ever, it has to be February 14th.

So, if you're looking for classic jewellery gift boxes and packaging, opt for red, it is enough to evoke Valentine's Day on its own. We offer a full range of packaging in red: pouches, stand-up bags, gift wrapping paper, tissue paper, curling ribbon, ribbon and of course gift boxes and bags. All these products are available throughout the year to satisfy all your needs and those of your customers.

Discover our catalogues

In addition to browsing all our products on the website, you can also find our catalogues available online with our Saint Valentine's Day brochure 2023, and the bible of gift boxes, gift packaging and jewellery display stands... The BRAND NEW RED CATALOGUE.

Valentine's day mailing
Red catalogue

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