Religious and symbolic jewellery

Since the dawn of time, people have liked to wear symbols of their beliefs and religious jewellery has its origins in the Roman Empire. 

Discreet everyday reminders or gifts for special occasions, our range of religious jewellery is designed to reflect these beautiful symbols.

From the simple cross earring to the Star of David pendant, our jewellery will accompany on a daily basis. Our selection of symbolic jewellery is simple, elegant and accessible to all. We mainly use materials such as gold and silver, that will accompany your customers for their lifetime. 

Laval's advice: Display miss-matched models: the must-have this season!

Christening medallions: a long-standing tradition

The origins of wearing symbolic or religious medallions go back a long way to the tradition of wearing amulets or talismans for protection. Many centuries ago, numerous civilisations created jewellery that was deemed to protect the wearer against evil, illness or even death. The Christening medallion is a descendant of this tradition that continues to this day. 

In order to satisfy all your needs, we supply medallions featuring the Virgin Mary, Cherubs, St Christopher, Doves of Peace and also Miraculous Medals. 

How to choose the right chain:

Our advice: The chain should also weigh at least as much as the medallion. The chain link can be chosen between round or standard trace chain. For Him, chains from 45 to 50 cm are the most popular.


A treasured item of jewellery, the crucifix is the symbol par excellence of Christian faith. Our crosses are available in different sizes, plain or set with diamonds or cubic zirconia.

To answer all your customers' desires, we offer a wide variety of cross necklaces and pendants, from the very simple to the most  ornate. 

We also offer a selection of more fancy models for your clients with more extravert tastes: 

Recommendations for cleaning religious jewellery that you can pass on to your clients: 

  • Step 1:Soak the jewellery for a few hours in lukewarm water with a little soap or washing-up liquid.
  • Step 2: Scrub with a soft brush (e.g. toothbrush).
  • Last step: rinse with clean water, then dry carefully with a soft cloth

Jewellery that is worn on a daily basis should be cleaned every week, whereas jewellery that is worn less frequently can be cleand once a month. 

You can also order polishing cloths and care products for gold and silver jewellery by Hagerty Jolibijoux and Connoisseurs. Why not stock some to created cross-selling opportunities at the cash desk!

Star of David 

This six-pointed star pendant originated back iin the VIIth century BC and represents knowledge and life. It protects whoever wears it.

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Hamsa or Fatima's hand, an oriental good luck charm

The Hamsa features the 5 fingers of the hand. The symbol is said to repel the devil, jealousy and bad luck. It can be worn as earrings, on a necklace or as a pendant, the Hamsa will never leave your customers.

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