Swarovski Zirconia

Swarovski® Zirconia

Founded in 1878, Laval Europe is a key player in the fields of jewellery and the fine arts. The company is an authorised distributor for Swarovski® Zirconia by Swarovski Gemstones. Laval repackages the stones into small quantities, we are able to offer packs of stones at sensible prices in different colours, dimensions and cuts.

Aslo known as CZ or Cubic Zirconia, the stones radiate a brilliance comparable to diamonds, Swarovski® Zirconia can be set using traditional methods on gold, silver, pewter or bronze.

Machine cut by Swarovski, the stones are then coloured using a patented process known as TCF (Termo Color Fusion) that respects the environment and is totally radiation free. TCF colours are stable and will not alter with time nor setting.
Swarovski® Zirconia are available in a range of beautiful colours, unique to Swarovski, making them easy to recognise and identify. In total, 25 cuts and 21 distinctive colours are on offer so as not to limit your creativity.  

The round-cut Swarovski® Zirconia is called Pure Brillance. It is the only cubic zirconia on the market to offer the same level of brilliance of the Tolkowsky diamond – which is deemed to be the perfect cut by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the most renowned of all the diamond institutes.

Swarovski Gemstones Zirconia: superior quality

Swarovski® Zirconia stones are created gemstones that are cut and polished in the Swarovski factory using the most stringent technical, environmental and social standards in the industry. Swarovski Gemstones is certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council).
With a brilliance that can be compared to a diamond, the Swarovski® Zirconia is however still affordable for fashion creations and accessories. 
When you use Swarovski® Zirconia, you have a guarantee of not only their quality but also their background. Zirconia stones can be set on 18ct gold, silver, pewter or bronze as it is capable of resisting temperatures above 2500°.

How to recognise Swarovski® Zirconia stones?

The distinctive colours of Swarovski® Zirconia are obtained using the TCF (Thermo Colour Fusion) patented process. Fancy Morganite and Fancy Light Blue shades for example are unique and therefore easily identifiable as Swarovski® Zirconia.
What's more, each Zirconia stone, whatever the size of cut, is laser engraved with the words Swarovski Zirconia. Only visible with a magnifying glass, the engraving guarantees the tracability of stones coming from the Swarovski factories.

Swarovski Gemstones engrave

Swarovski® Zirconia can also be stuck to fabric and to finger- and toe-nails. If you are in the fashion or beauty industries, ask for a catalogue today to discover the packs of Swarovski® Zirconia that are suited to your needs.

If you have any queries or are interested in obtaining some advice, get in touch with our sales' team by phone on +33 247 91 1234 or by email on contact@laval-europe.com and find out more about the Laval packaging of Swarovski Gemstones.

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