Swarovski Gemstones

Swarovski Gemstones

Laval Europe, authorised distributor for Swarovski Gemstones, introduces you to the genuine and created stones from the Gemstones division of the Swarovski group.

Swarovski, world leader in industrial precision cutting since 1895

Swarovski is a family owned Austrian firm, in 1965 it created the Swarovski Gemstones division to diversify its activites and to offer genuine and created stones to its clients.
All of the genuine and created stones are polished and cut in the Swarovski plants using their high-technology precision machinery. As well as respecting stringent quality criteria and optimal precision cutting and colour regularity, the group is also a pioneer in commiting to strict social and environmental responsibility. This dedication ro responsible sourcing is even more important in the genuine gemstone market. Swarovski Gemstones is RJC certified (Responsible Jewelry Council).

Great choice of stones

On our website, you are able to select different cuts (round, oval, pear, marquise etc.) as well as the dimensions that you require. We offer a range of small, sensible packaged quantities at reasonable prices that are adapted to professional needs:

  • Swarovski® Zirconia (created stones)
  • Nano (created stones – limited edition)
  • Sapphires (precious genuine gemstone)
  • Rubies (precious genuine gemstone)
  • Swarovski® Topazes (genuine gemstone)
  • Black spinel (genuine gemstone)
  • Marcasite (genuine gemstone)
  • Presettings (component)

The Swarovski® Zirconia and Topaz come in a unique array of colours that are easily identifiable. The cut stones are coloured using a patented system called TCF (Termo Color Fusion), 100% environmentally friendly and completed free of any radiation, the TCF colours are stable and do not alter on setting nor over time.

The collection of Swarovski Gemstones is also available in our catalogue.
To receive your copy of our catalogue or for further information on our packaged quantities, call us on + 33 247 91 1234 or drop us a line to contact@laval-europe.com.

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