New Arrivals - Spring-Summer Collection

Shopping / gift bags, cloth pouches, ribbons and many other items in the hottest colours this season

Discrete, subtle nuances, discover our selection of new pink and khaki gift packaging products, this season's colours. They represent a real alternative to black and white, not to say that the monochrome hues are less elegant but they sadly lack a bit of flair at a time when plants are blossoming and birds begin to sing again.

Whether you decide to choose one or other of the colours (or even both, why not go totally mad), you will offer packaging that follows the latest fashion.

Pouches, ribbons, stand-up bags, wrapping paper, jewellery gift box collections in a variety of formats: we have thought of everything, meaning that your only problem will be that there is too much choice. Obviously, if you need some help to come to a decision, please contact our sales team for advice.

And of course, the pink and khaki packaging items are far from being the only options available.

Browse our packaging suggestions online, there are sure to create a sensation this Spring-Summer 2022, in your store.... or elsewhere.

Gift packaging pink and Khaki

Paintings of flowers that will transform your gift packaging into genuine works of art.

Bright colours, pastel tones and floral motifs are always a safe
bet for the Spring and Summer seasons.
The marriage of this season's colours with classic designs brings
life to your gift packages.

We offer a range of packaging products inspired by the impressionist painters
that create a delightful combination of shape and colour, while adding a hint of creativity that will make a lasting impression on your customers.

However, please note that we will not be held responsible for any customers
not daring to open their purchases for fear of damaging the work of art.

A portrait of "Frida Kalho"
is also included in our new collection of wrapping paper.

Wrapping papers Painting design

See your packaging through rose coloured glasses

If you are looking for pink or rose coloured packaging, but you'd like bolder tones than pale pink or pastel pink, look no further, we have exactly what you need.

Fuchsia, is the HOT pink colour this Spring. It will add a modern, festive touch.
We offer a full range of packaging products in fuchsia:

And yes, there are flowers too, its Spring.

Browse our collection of pink packaging

Pouches like no others

Discover our new collection of microfibre pouches

Square, with a contemporary design and a lovely soft fabric they form a real little acessory. A pretty ribbon tied in a bow will keep them closed and safe.
And the little extra? You can have them custom printed with your logo.

Bourse personnalisable face avantBourse avec emplacement personnalisable pour Logo

Our collections of cotton pouches, are perfect for jewellery sales.

Why not integrate them into your window displays, they will add a bit of
colour to your retail presentations.
We also sell display cases that will showcase them to their advantage.

Kraft packaging just wraps it up

More kraft, but with new designs as usual:

Coral coloured packaging for those with no barriers

Coral colour is just essential, it is the HOTTEST colour for this Summer. So why not dive in and take the plunge, order the matching jewellery gift boxes, pouches and ribbons online!

Gift wrapping paper that will delight your customers

All year long, we bring you a range of seasonal and classic, timeless packaging products. Whether they are patterned, plain, shiny or iridescent, you will find around 50 different styles of wrapping paper on our website, as well as all the accessories to match.

Gift wrapping papers

Discover our Gift wrapping papers

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