Paper gift bags and Paper boutique bags

As a supplier of gift bags for retailers, shop owners and small businesses, Laval Europe brings you a wide range of paper carrier bags and gift wrapping

Laval Europe brings you a great selection of paper gift bags and packaging in all styles in order to fulfill your daily needs in store. Browse our different collections and find over 200 gift bags that are adapted for your outlet and that will go perfectly with your products:

Paper gift bags, an essential element for all retailers

Find a selection of our classic, plain paper gift bags for retail:

The majority of our bags are sold at bulk rates for traders and retail and there is no minimum order (excluding custom printed orders).

Paper carriers for everyday sales

Paper carrier bags are a local retail classic and are essential for many different kinds of shops. We specialise in selling wholesale paper carrier bags, this explains our very complete offer of gift bags within our line of packaging products aimed to satisfy the requirements of a variety of retailers such as jewellers, clothes stores and gift shops etc.
Our paper carrier bags come in 4 main categories:

Seasonable and patterned paper gift bags

We offer a selection of gift bags that are specially adapted for events such as Christmas or Saint Valentine's Day that you can browse in our printed paper carrier bag collection.

We update our collections on a regular basis and stay up with the latest fashions; bringing you new original and colourful bags for regular events.

If you are looking for more classic paper gift bags but no less festif, the gloss laminated paper gift bags are also a great option.

Luxury paper boutique bags

The laminated paper bags, matt-finish paper bags and gloss-finish paper gift bags are all suitable for higher-end boutiques. You may order bags in stylish colours or adorned with ribbons or bows that add to the charm of the bags. These bags have rope cord handles and are reinforced top and bottom to ensure a better quality of packaging.

If you are out to find luxury paper gift bags, another possiblity is to custom print paper gift bags using either pad printing or hot foil printing techniques. It is one of the services that we offer also for most of our packaging products and jewellery gift presentation boxes.

Our selection of top of the range paper gift bags:

Alternatives to paper gift bags

If you wish to offere other sorts of bags to your in-store clients, many other retail bags are available on line.

Fabric reusable bags

100% cotton bags in black or natural shades and come in different shapes and sizes, ou dans de nombreux coloris en format 41 x 36 cm.

Biodegradable bags

Choose between the different formats of environmentally friendly bags made from biodegradable polymers based on corn starch. 3 options are available:

Recyclable plastic bags

Our polyethylene plastic bags for retail are available in plain colours: traditional white, white with reinforced handles, or black. Standard 50 micron thickness.

Custom printed carrier bags and bag advertisements

Paper carrier bags are the most popular type of retail bags. Depending on the style of your retail outlet, choose the colour scheme that best matches and place your order.

However, if you want to make a statement and add a personal touch to your packaging, promote your brand name as your clients return home not only with their purchases but also with your bag and your brand, you can call on our in-house custom branding team. We are able to create paper carrier bag advertisements using a variety of different printint techniques.

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