Stones of October: Opal and Tourmaline

Two popular gems hail as birthstones for the month of October: Opal and Tourmaline.


Described by the Ancient Romans as the “Queen of All Gems”, Opal is a "chameleon stone", encompassing the essence of every gem in one. Its name means to “see a change of color”, which this “phenomenon” gem shows in unusual optical effects of shifting spectral hues described as “play of color”.

Revered as a symbol of hope, fidelity and purity, Opal is a gem of positive transformation, revealing the colorful attributes of those who wear it. In addition to being an October birthstone, Opal is favored as a gift for a 14th wedding anniversary.


This fascinating gem occurs in several types: The most common is white Opal with vibrant pastel flashes. Black Opal has a blue, gray or black body with more dramatic color play. Boulder opal is black opal with some of the ironstone in which it occurs. Crystal Opal is clear with glints of swimming color. Fire Opal has a yellow, orange or red body—with or without color play.

The Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris holds an opal that was part of the crown jewels and belonged to Louis XVIII.

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The most diverse gemstone on the market, Tourmaline possesses the most dazzling array of colors of all known gems. Its name means multi-colored, a modest description of the wide variety that exists in this mineral family, which includes dark green chrome Tourmaline, deep blue to blue-green indicolite, pink to deep red rubellite, and electric blue Paraiba Tourmaline.

A unique miracle of color, Tourmaline also is found with two or more colors appearing side by side in a single crystal, classified as bi-colored Tourmaline—like watermelon Tourmaline in pink and green. Representing a spectrum of hues, these gems are usually rectangular or emerald cut to highlight the color zoning. On top of that, there are rare Tourmaline gems that appear to change their color in different light and cat's eye fancy Tourmaline.

It is said that in the distant past, a small land emerged from the immense Indian Ocean. This isolated rocky mass off the coast of Mozambique experienced an extraordinary event: after a violent storm, the inhabitants discovered tourmalines of inestimable value. This land is now called Madagascar.

Tourmalines make beautiful center stones and are often available in large, affordable sizes. Chrome tourmalines of quality
are rare in sizes above 10 carats, as are rubellites. Paraiba Tourmalines are extremely rare in faceted stones above 2 carats.


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