Month of May: the Emerald

Origins and varieties of Emeralds:

With its luxuriant green colour May's birthstone, the Emerald symbolises Spring and renewal. Rare and precious, Emeralds have fascinated civilisations throughout the world over the ages. Emeralds were favoured in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome but also by the Incas in South Amercia and by the Muhgal Emperors in India. Its name derives from ancient Greek 'smaragdos' meaning 'Precious green gemstone'.

Like the Aquamarine, it is part of the Beryl family and has a hardness rated 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

An Emerald's value will vary depending on 4 criteria: colour, clarity, cut and carats 
It is a gemstone of the IIIrd category meaning that certain cracks and inclusions are tolerated. It is almost impossible to find an Emerald without surface cracks or inclusions (known as the Emerald's garden). In order to improve their appearance and stabilise the gem, they are treated by immersion in oil.

What gives the Emerald its characterstic green colour?
Traces of chrome and in certain cases vanadium give the Emerald its distinctive green colouring. Depending on the concentration of the elements, colours may vary from a pale pastel green to a vibrant, deep green with undertones of blue, yellow or grey. Deep green Emeralds are the most sought after whereas lighter coloured stones can often offer more sparkle and brilliance.

Information, virtues and legends surrounding the Emerald:

In Ancient times, the most famous and prolific mines could be found in the Egyptian desert. Today, the vast majority of Emeralds are to be found in Colombia with other sources in Brasil and in Zambia.

In 1564, it is said that while trying to escape from the Muzos Indians, a Spanish colonist had to stop, at the risk of his life, to examine the hooves of his limping horse. He discovered a superb, intense green Emerald in the middle of one of them. The news caused a sensation in the region and people retraced his steps to find the veins.

The Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, fertility, love and wisdom.

It is traditionally given for the 40th wedding anniversary. It is also very suitable for an engagement or any declaration of love.

Lapidaries have created a specific cut for the Emerald that allows it to reveal all its beauty while protecting it.
In the jargon, this emerald cut is called "rectangle with cut sides". Traditionally, we also find the Emerald cut in cabochon, oval or cushion.

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Which metal to use to set Emeralds?

As a precious stone, Emeralds are normally set on 18ct yellow gold. However, thanks to its intense colour it can also be very attractive on a white metal such as platinum or 18ct white gold.

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