Month of June: the Pearl

La Perle - mois de juin

Origins of the Pearl 

June natives are fortunate to have the Pearl as their birthstone. Natural pearls in their wild state are very rare. For a pearl to appear, an intruder must enter the oyster, like a grain of sand. The animal reacts and secretes a layer of calcium carbonate, the nacre.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Kokichi Mikimoto invented a process that allowed man to cultivate pearls by artificially introducing an irritant into the mollusc.

There are 4 types of cultured pearls:

  • Tahitian pearls (grown only in French Polynesia)
  • Akoya pearls, mainly cultivated in Japan
  • Freshwater pearls (mainly cultivated in China)
  • South Sea or Australian pearls

Information, virtues and legends surrounding Pearls:

Pearl weddings are celebrated on the 30th wedding anniversary.

With its aquatic origin, the Pearl is strongly linked to the astrological signs of water and in particular to the sign of Cancer.

The myths and legends around the pearl are very numerous in the civilizations of the pearl regions, one thinks of the Polynesians, the Indians or the Chinese.

In Greek and Roman antiquity, the pearl was associated with Venus (for the Romans, Aphrodite for the Greeks), the goddess of love born in the foam of the sea. For the Persians and Greeks, pearls were the tears of the gods.

From these stories follow many beliefs and virtues attributed to pearls, and more precisely to mother-of-pearl, which can be found in the form of powder in Chinese pharmacopoeia or Ayurvedic medicine for its soothing properties or its aphrodisiac character.

An emblem of natural beauty, generations of Chinese empresses used it to promote the radiance of their skin. Today, several cosmetic brands use products derived from mother-of-pearl in their skin care solutions.

The Pearl symbolises natural beauty, its roundness is an ode to femininity.

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