A fantastic selection of gift packaging products for all seasons

A stylishly wrapped gift package will add the final touch to a sale. A wide range of classic and seasonal packaging products is available on our website. Some of the carrier bags and paper stand-up bags have matching jewellery presentation boxes allowing you to create a harmonious and coherent ensemble.
Most of our plain gift packaging products can be custom printed with your brand/logo by our in-house custom branding team. Don't hestitate to ask us for further details and a quote.

For the current season, view below a selection of gift packaging products that might help inspire you to plan and order the perfect new assortment:


Great range of packaging products for  children and infants 

Our gift packaging items in soft, pastel tones are reminiscent of the gentle and tender way we look after newborns and small children. Take a look at our lines of products that include a range of items ideal for wrapping jewellery gifts for children and infants: gift bags, stand-up paper bags, tissue paper, pouches, curling and satin ribbon. 
We offer a selection of  presentation boxes for infant identity bracelets or trinket boxes and wrapping paper with colourful, pretty designs featuring cute little animals: teddy bears or bunnies... 

A wealth of packaging products specifically for children is available to satisfy your customers' needs throughout the year: gifts for newborns, birthdays and christenings

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Totally in keeping with the latest trends, pastel-coloured packaging is highlighted this season and features strongly in our new collection. 

Pastel hues are gentle, refreshing and ideal for offering feminine jewellery gifts this summer. We have designed a new line of packaging products: gift bags, jewellery presentation boxes, wrapping paper and pastel-coloured ribbons with a range of different finishes that will sublime the elegance of your jewellery and delight your customers. Some of our products present a subtle mixture of style and originality with nuances that recall the most beautiful impressionist paintings. 

More than ever, Mother Nature is present in the retail environment and botanical motifs are also at the heart of our collection. Floral designs are essential classics and are particularly popular over the summer months, they will look fantastic both in iridescent pastel nuances as well as in hot-foil printing.   

Your band image and the customer experience in your store are at the centre of our priorities. We work hard to update our collections each season making sure that we bring you the best possible choice of products that reflect the latest trends and that will allow you to strengthen your relationships with the customer.

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