bijoux or et amethyste

Stone of February: Amethyst

Origins and varieties:

The name amethyst comes from a greek word meaning, 'who is not drunk' and takes its name from ancient mythology. Amethyst is the most sought after form of quartz. It comes in a number of different hues of purple :

  • light mauve
  • violet with red undertones, or even blue
  • Purple – less common

Large Amethysts with deep, rich unified colours are the most sought after.

Infos, virtues and legends surrounding amethysts:

Amethyst is the iconic birthstone for February babies. A gem as a symbol of optimism and serenity.
Purple expresses individuality, a desire to be noticed and to make a statement. It's been a strong colour for many seasons. Pantone named Ultra Violet the colour of the year in 2018. 

Couleur pantone Ultra Violet

bijoux or amethyste et citrine

Very hard stone (7 on the Mohs scale)

In ancient Egypt, soldiers wore it cut in the shape of a scarab to protect them from fear and death.

Greek mythology tells us that the princess Semele gave birth to Dionysus, the fruit of an adultery with Zeus. This demigod became the god of wine and ecstasy. Drunk, he fell under the spell of the beautiful nymph Amethys and wanted to love her. She called Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, to her aid. To protect Amethys, she transformed her into a crystal. Dionysus, after having gone mad, regained his mastery and tried to unite his two loves in this crystal, that of wine and the ex-nymphe: he poured wine on the crystal which took on the violet colour of Amethyst.

Amethyst is the stone traditionally given for the 6th and 48th wedding anniversaries.

Which metal to chose for setting Amethyst ?

As Amethysts come is a wide range of colours, it can be set on a variety of different metals: yellow, white or rose gold, silver and yellow or rose-gold coloured silver. We offer wholesale of Amethyst jewellery.

Taking care of your Amethyst jewellery

 bijoux or amethyste et citrine

Jewellery available on our website set with Amethysts

We offer not only a classic line with solitaires and necklaces in yellow gold but also modern jewellery with amethysts in cabochon and fine Amethyst jewellery in silver: to be found HERE.


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