Biodegradable Ecomater bags

Compostable or biodegrable polymers are been around for many years, but biodegradable bags have only recently been made available to the general public.

The surge in demand for everyday plastic packaging products as well as increasing concerns about pollution have led to increased interest in biodegrable polymers. These products have the practical characteristics of traditional plastic but are also biodegradable, making them ideal for eco-responsible packaging.

Ecomater® products are so-called bio-sourced packaging products - meaning that they are made from polymers that are compostable in industrial compost, they conform to the European packaging standards (biodegradability NF EN13432). The bags contain between 40% and 50% polylactose (corn starch and aliphatic polyester) with high degree of biodegradability 

Find all the biodegradable bags available on the site - black and white, plain or patterned, brought to you by the eco-responsible brand Ecomater® :

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