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Delivery boxes

Given our long experience as a packaging wholesaler, Laval Europe is now also supplies delivery boxes for E-commerce.

These E-commerce boxes in Kraft FSC card are suitable for jewellery retailers who want to diversify their business to become Web stores as well as traditional jewellers wanting to open a webstore for their customers.

What better than a handy package that will fit through a letter box meaning that you can dispatch your orders in no time. No more queueing at the Post Office for your parcels to be processed!

FSC Kraft cardboard boxes for E-commerce

Compact packages, ideal for online shopping

Our delivery boxes are great value for money and have been specially designed for on-line shopping, allowing you to quickly develop your web store sales.

Indeed, thanks to their compact dimensions, our kraft card delivery boxes, just 2.9 cm tall can be posted  directly in any letter box making sending and receiving orders simple.

The dimensions of these kraft card boxes make them easy to stock and just perfect for shipping jewellery bought on line. Why not consult our thousands of references of fashion jewellery available on our site.

Our environmentally friendly folded boxes (certified FSC) are made in Europe.

The kraft card delivery boxes come in 2 colours (natural kraft and black) and in two formats:

  • 17.7 x 11.8 x 2.9 cm
  • 24.5 x 17.5 x 2.9 cm.

All of our E-commerce shipping boxes are sold in packs of 10.

Chosing the right packaging for your sale is an important decision when launching a new on-line store, you need to choose a reliable box that will hold items securely and that will look good when opened, thus creating a positive experience for your clients.

Enhance your image and build customer loyalty with our E-commerce gift boxes for your deliveries.

Opening - Closing of our eCommerce kraft shipping boxes

Add the finishing touch to your E-commerce delivery with our accessories

Shredded packing paper

In order to fill your box and secure the items ordered, we offer a selection of coloured shredded packing paper, antistatic and 100% recyclable,  sold in packs of 1 kg,

Otherwise, you could choose our bubble wrap envelopes in 3 different colours: matt black, metallic gold or metallic silver.

Labels for delivery boxes

Adhesive labels are essential for sending out orders, therefore we also supply plain white self-adhesive labels to go with our Gift boxes for E-commerce deliveries.
We offer 4 different 4 formats of labels suitable for all dimensions of parcels (boxes, small or large, or envelopes).

As well as these useful labels, we also offer a range of more colourful gift labels and self-adhesive labels that can add the finishing touch to your inner wrapping. This small detail adds to the perceived quality of the order when the client opens the box and can help build customer loyalty, find the full range of labels on the website.

Our gift packaging items for your store

Take a look at our wide range of wholesale kraft card packagings available for your in-store customers.

We also supply traditional gift packaging items that can be used both for your on-line sales: tissue paper, gift wrapping paper, pouches, etc. These packaging products will allow you to present and create a showcase for the items ordered by your clients.

View all our accessories that will be ideal to go with the E-commerce card delivery boxes:

Suitable jewellery presentation boxes

For your jewellery orders, you will need to use gift packaging and presentation boxes that are of a suitable size (especially height) that will mean that you make the most of the compact format of these boxes.

Dozens of jewellery gift presentation boxes are available in all styles and sizes: FSC card gift boxes, satin-finish card jewellery gift boxes, textured card jewellery gift boxes as well as many more.

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