Inspiration for your window displays: Understated & Elegant

LAVAL Europe brings you the best selection of high-quality jewellery displays in Europe. Our design team, our product managers and our quality control team work together all year long in order to bring you new products that meet our high standards, and yours too (of course).

Jewellery displays in seasonal colours

Trees are in bud, the sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the sky is blue... No doubt about it, Spring is here!

We have all been impatient for some warmer weather, but now that Spring has sprung, its time to bring a breath of Springtime renewal to your boutique.

For your Spring/Summer windows, we suggest that you combine a variety of materials and finishes of jewellery displays in order to create truly unique window displays that will get noticed.

In the picture on the right, the natural tones of our displays attractively showcase gold, textured jewellery. Jewellery set with colourful gemstones also look fantastic on these natural backdrops.

Find our very popular beechwood and linen
displays that beautifully match our existing linen collection.

Among the new arrivals, we now include a selection of elegant display tables in wood and gold-coloured metal that add volume to your presentations (pictured right).

Choose to combine different materials and finishes

Our jewellery displays are presented by collection in order to help you visualise the concepts in your retail area.

Nevertheless, playing with a combination of different display styles is entirely possible and we encourage innovation. Juxtapose contrasting designs and create unique environments that will allow you to define your own style. Be daring, don't hesitate to experiment, you might surprise yourself.

Our range of classic leatherette displays goes really well with our collection of modern metal and granite look displays.

These gold-coloured metal and granite look displays are perfect for all kinds of jewellery: ring cones, curved display stands of varying heights for all lengths of necklace, T-shaped earring displays, bracelet bars and more.
NEW: Discover our new ear shaped Earring display stand that will add a hint of originality to your window.

View the white leatherette collection

If you want to renew your window display but not get rid of your favourite white leatherette elements?

LAVAL's advice: For the Spring/Summer seasons, select a few white leatherette displays, and match them with our metal and white granite look collection: or why not mix with the silver or gold-coloured metal display elements.

The elegant, understated cream coloured design of these luxury display busts will allow you to showcase the most beautiful jewellery.
As you can adjust the height of these displays, you will be able to
truly personalise your window displays.

These display stands can be matched with other collections on our website:
our cream-coloured suedette and our luxury suedette gift boxes

Pictured on the right, these displays are ideal for presenting bridal jewellery (weddings are important events for all jewellers).

View our full collection of luxury displays

You like our display stands but our suggested presentations leave you cold?

TIP LAVAL: Our suggestions place strong emphasis on simple aesthetic presentations, but its up to you to be original and create your own special environment in your retail outlet. If you need a little help, contact us by phone on +33 247 91 1234, or by email and our sales team will be more than happy to help identify the displays that would allow you to best present your jewellery collections in store.

Our collection of display cases and wooden displaysA few items of jewellery..  and its in the box!

Think inside the box!

View our collection of display cases for presenting your jewellery.

You may display items of jewellery on their own, or include display stand, or even some of our pouches or gift boxes to add a little colour. These display cases can also be used to display fashion accessories such as small items of leather goods.

These glass and gold-coloured metal display cases are ideal for concept stores or high-street clothes shops who wish to display a small collection of jewellery in style.

View our collection of display cases

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