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As a designer and supplier of jewellery display elements for over 50 years, we are currently the firm that offers the greatest choice of models at the best value-for-money. Our range includes a variety of lines in different styles and each year we source new models that keep up with the latest trends. Many of our models are registered.

Here is a selection of items to inspire this season's window displays:

If you are looking for original display stands that are resolutely modern, these concrete and matt finish gold-coloured metal displays designed by LAVAL's design studio should meet your expectations.

Thanks to their rough and rugged appearance, these displays provide a striking contrast with sophisticated items of jewellery and enhance their presentation. Any gold-coloured jewellery will stand out and can reveal its unique characteristics.

Your customers, particularly those who are attracted by high fashion jewellery and who keep up with the latest trends will recognise at a glance that your window display is totally mainstream fashion.

Thanks to their atypical design and their deliberately rugged aspect, these displays are unusual in the jewellery universe. Additionally, they go really well with nautral materials such as foliage, wood or fibres. 

The concrete collection includes 25 models: trays and risers, bracelet cones, earring displays, necklace and ring holders.

View the Concrete collection

The elegant grey linen collection of displays elements was developed by the LAVAL design team to satisfy the demands of the luxury market. The subtle grey shade was chosen to highlight gold and precious stones with style.

The display busts with their sleek, slender lines were designed to attract the attention of passers-by to your window displays, the ring holders are substantial and each element of the collection has been carefully considered to showcase precious items jewellery.

The whole collection combines the elegance and the sophistication needed to display fine jewellery and your clients will immediately feel that they are in a world of very high standards.

The collection comprises 19 elements including trays, risers, earring displays, ring holders of varying heights and a range of display busts.

In these early weeks of 2022, its high time to attract customers by enhancing your window displays with a modern, ambitious décor.

Discover the Linen collection

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