Stone of March: Aquamarine

Origine and varieties of Aquamarines:
The birthstone for the month of March is a gemstone from the Beryl family - which also includes emeralds.  Its name comes form the Latin "aqua marina" meaning 'water of the sea'. Its colour reminds us of the ocean with varieties going from clear, through light to dark blue to sea green. Unlike other gems where the darker hues are the most sought after, light, clear aquamarines are the most popular and the most valuable.

Information, virtues and legends surrounding aquamarines:

  • The most important deposits of Aquamarine are found in Brasil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • In the old days, it was a talisman for sea-faring folk and was supposed to protect them when at sea and from Poseidon's wrath!
  • Rated 7.8 on the Mohs hardness scale, aquamarines are popular gemstones for jewellers. Large Aquamarines are often used in the 'emerald cut' (a rectangle with cut edges) allowing the elongated crystal structure of the stones to maintain their strength.
  • A symbol of faithfulness for newly weds, Aquamarines are often used for engagement rings. It is also a traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary.
  • At her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle arrived at the reception wearing a magnificent cocktail ring set with a large Aquamarine. Asprey, the ring's designer confirmed that the ring had been made for Princess Diana in 1997 and that the Duke had given it to his wife as a wedding present.
  • The largest cut Aquamarine ('Dom Pedro') is part of the permanent collection at the Natural History Museum in Washington next to 'Hope' the famous blue diamond from the crown of France. Cut in the shape of an obelisk by the famous German jeweller Bernd Munsteiner, it weighs 2 kg and is 45cm long.

Which metals should you use to set Aquamarines:

With their soft, pastel tones, Aquamarines go exquisitely with white metals: silver, white gold or platinum. Rose-gold can also enhance the gemstone.

Products available on our website associated with Aquamarines or in Aquamarine colours:

Swarovski® Zirconia:

  • Mint colour: we bring you small quantities of round stones in different diametres -(minium purchase of just 5 stones! ).
  • Arctic blue colour: available in small quantities, discover the different cuts possible: round, pear, octogon, oval, square princess, marquise or cushion.
    Also available on special order: Greyish Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue or Frosty Mint.

Oxydes de zirconium aigue-marine

Swarovski® Topaz: available to order, ask for further information about Aqua blue, Iced blue and Paraïba, the latter is the colour of paradisical lagoons!

Topaze Aigue-Marine

  • Discover our range of 18ct white gold mounts and fittings: ring mounts, pendant fittings, earring fittings.
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver 'eye' necklace with Aquamarine: The evil eye symbol is still in vogue this year in the jewellery world. Laval brings you this fashion necklace in rhodium plated sterling silver set with an Aquamarine. Worn as a talisman its supposed to protect its wearer from the 'evil eye'!

Collier petit oeil aigue-marine et oxydes de zirconium

  • Hagerty® Fine Stones Clean products have been specially developped to clean fine stones and keep them looking like new. 
    Available as polishing cloths or in  pots, they will take perfect care of your Aquamarine jewellery.

  • Caflon® ear piercing earrings: several pairs of ear-piercing studs are available in Aquamarine colour: bezel set, claw-set, sold in assorted packs of 12 (set of 12 birthstones) or individually. Make your selection!

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